Le grime, une initiation (1)

Pour célébrer les dix ans de cet album qui m’a rendu amoureux du Grime, je vous propose de découvrir cet album Home Sweet Home. Mike Skinner (aussi connu sous le pseudonyme de The Streets) et son flow m’ont d’abord interpelé sur le morceau Nite Nite car je ne savais pas vraiment si le mec rappait, parlait ou slammait. Il m’a fallu beaucoup de mois pour plonger dans ces albums qui sont des bijoux sonores.

During the nite-nite
Sometimes you better check your P’s and Q’s
‘Cause I am a Ghetto Kid
with Brown Eyes.

Nite Nite

I call her sometimes, and I wake her up at some dumb times
Touch my phone and her number my thumb finds


P’s and Q’s

Some manors don’t like me, they try and badmind me
When Kano comes to town
All I say is « mind’s right », and they lose the limelight
When Kano comes around

Typical Me

Its always Kano getting in the madness
Me, I’m in the corner sipping on champers
But for some reason, I gotta face they all wanna ramp with

Brown Eyez

I don’t wanna fall in love
No, I don’t wanna fall in love
But your brown eyes have got me hypnotized
Maybe we could give it a try
But i don’t wanna fall in love

Signs in Life

Look, you can do moves on the street
I’d rather spit bars on the beat
I’d rather that than lick cars every week

Si vous souhaitez écouter l’album c’est par ici: spotify:album:7kimYKvLC03boI5vUyhhKB